10 inch Dinner Plates by Wild Leaf Tableware

8 inch Appetizer Plates by Wild Leaf Tableware

6 inch Dessert Plates by Wild Leaf Tableware

Beautiful complement to
earthy, rustic décor

Wild Leaf plates are a beautiful complement to an earthy, rustic décor - and simply gorgeous when set in the natural environment - your wedding and party guests will adore your considered, eco-conscious choice.

Shaped by nature

Elegant, and at one with nature, Wild Leaf's beautiful disposable tableware is sustainably-made from fallen Indian Areca Palm Leaves.

Each leaf is thoroughly cleaned, steam pressed into shape and fully sterilized. No chemicals are used whatsoever, and no trees are ever cut.

Our tableware is crafted from nature’s simplest ingredients – fallen leaves, heat and water. 

Backyard Compostable
and Biodegradable

Once disposed, each of our plates naturally biodegrades in less than 2 months - just like any dried leaf in your yard. No commercial facilities are required.

What our Customers say


Awsome. Life of the party. We had eco-minded people to a party and they loved the plates. They are truly unique. And in the end, into the "Green" waste they went and off to compost. Sweet! These are GREAT.


These are awesome all natural plates as described. Great durability. Would recommend! Used them for wife's party and it gathered lots of interest. 


The plates are firm enough to hold any type of food. I love that they are food and environment friendly and I'm excited to use them for our thanksgiving dinner.