How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Party 

(and we promise you can plan it in just one morning!)

The great thing about throwing a party in your backyard is that you can make it whatever you want it to be! With the right styling you can create an elegant evening affair, full of sophistication and charm, or throw a fun afternoon BBQ for family and friends. And it doesn’t have to take days of planning – an impromptu party is often the most fun, and you probably already own plenty of things that can be adapted to accompany your outdoor festivities.

Whether you’re planning a party soon or you just want to some inspiration for when the weather turns warmer, here are some extra special ideas to help you make sure your backyard bash goes with a bang!

Table Setting Inspiration

Your table will be the central point at which your guests gather, tucking into your delicious food and sharing stories. Make sure that you’ve created a space that is as practical as it is attractive.

A guide to table coverings...

A table covering can hide a multitude of sins, whether you’ve pulled an old and battered table into service, or your wooden picnic table is a little uneven. Throw a linen or cloth over it, and raise the glam factor instantly!

- White for sophistication – use a white linen and add pops of color using decorations.
- Layering for interest – a mix of fabrics and textures will create an exotic tone.
- Add a runner for rustic – a bare wooden table with a 
plain runner for dishes creates a more homely feel.
Craft paper for ease – Using brown craft paper is a cheap and easy way of adding a fun detail to your party. You could even equip your guests with colored crayons so they can get creative, and it’s super-easy to clean up afterwards! 

Backyard party table decor with disposable palm leaf plates

Cost-Effective Centerpieces 

A well-chosen centerpiece can be just the thing to tie together a theme, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. There are plenty of free or cheap accessories and materials that you can put to use.

- Sunflowers or flowers picked from your own garden are low cost and lovely
- A mix of placemats collected together from local flea markets and garage sales adds a vintage touch
- You can often find cheap tin watering cans at your local homeware store, which can double as quirky vases
- Prepare your flatware in advance, by organizing it into burlap pockets – so cute and practical!

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Party

Simple Food Serving 

A backyard party is not the time to pull out grandma’s best china! Whatever kind of party you’re hosting, the vibe should be relaxed, so it’s best to use something that guests won’t worry about breaking. Plus, a plain plate puts the focus on the riot of color that is your food. 

Sustainable Success

An ideal solution for an outdoor party is to use high-quality disposable tableware. Finding the right disposable plates will mean that clearing up is a breeze, so you can concentrate on having a good time. And while disposable plates used to be made of environmentally unfriendly plastic or easily overloaded paper, there are now many more practical and more eco-conscious options available. Disposable palm leaf plates not only fit easily into the trashcan, but can also be composted – leaving both you and the planet happy!  

Modern Drinkware

For that trendy touch, give each of your guests a mason jar to drink from. They’re much more stylish than paper cups, and can be easily sourced. If you want to get really creative, give each guest a different colored ribbon to tie around their mug, or even use chalkboard paint so they can paint their name on the side. It’ll save people getting confused over whose drink is whose when the party gets going and the dancing starts!

big glass pitcher of lemonade is always a welcome addition. It’s really simple to make, and adds a certain Southern-style of hospitality to the proceedings.

Create drinks stations around your space by using galvanized buckets filled with ice. You can have one for beer, one for wine and another for soda drinks – that way, your guests can help themselves and you don’t have to always be on the lookout for people needing a fresh drink. 

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Party

Delightful Decor Ideas

Use whatever flowers are in season to create pops of color throughout your backyard. Whether it’s Spring flowers or Fall leaves, tying posies together using raffia or ribbon is an easy decorative touch that adds heaps of charm. And if you’ve got little ones ‘helping’ you prepare, it’s a great job to get them involved!

When the evening draws in, it’s nice for guests to have somewhere to relax. So, if you’ve got any oversized pillows or blankets, bring them out onto the patio so everyone can get comfy. 

Luscious Lighting

As the sun goes down, you can be creative when it comes to that perfect evening ambience.

- If you’ve got a large yard, create different ‘zones’ using different lighting – you could have twinkly lights at one end, paper lanterns lighting another corner, and tea lights scattered over the main table. You could even create a magical walkway by lighting either side of the path using tea lights in paper bags. Fill them with sand and pop the tea light in, being careful to keep the paper away from the flame.
- Putting candles in jars keeps them away from potential flammable materials. Add sand in the bottom first, and they’ll stay the right way up even if knocked. As well as using them to decorate the table, use wire to wrap around the top of jars, and then hang them around the garden. 

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard Party

Whatever kind of backyard party you throw, the most important thing is to have fun - a party that you enjoy is one that your guests will love. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration to help you create your perfect event – if you’ve got any tips on how to throw a great bash, feel free to get in touch or share them with us!

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