Five Steps to Creating the Downright Perfect Rustic Wedding Table

The days of the cookie cutter wedding are behind us – nowadays, it’s about creating a day as individual as you are. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for you to share your favorite things with your favorite people, whether that’s your love of Star Wars or the great outdoors.

If you favor a walk through the rustling leaves over a tussle with Chewbacca, consider a rustic wedding theme. Using all things organic, natural and simple, this theme is packed with opportunities to create something truly beautiful. It’s perfect for any couple that loves spending time in nature, as well as anyone who appreciates the simple pleasures in life.

If you’re planning this type of wedding, keep the style in mind from the very first decision you make. For example, the venue is an essential part of your rustic wedding. Choose somewhere where nature is interwoven into the decor, whether you’re inside or out. It could be a barn, woodland or large outside space. Whichever you choose, your guests are bound to love the chance to celebrate in a simple yet beautiful location.

If you’re planning your own rustic wedding, here are five key elements that create the ultimate in Rustic Wedding Decor

The Table Runner

When it comes to the materials for a rustic wedding table runner, you don’t have to be thinking about expensive and plush fabrics. Burlap, hessian and even bark can be used to evoke the simplicity and style of nature. 

The Place Settings

Say goodbye to matching tableware. Mismatched china gives a beautifully vintage feel to the table, and that means that you can source it everywhere from your parents’ cupboards to a local yard sale.

To tie things together, use one material throughout everyone’s place setting – it could be using raffia to tie together the cutlery, or placing a hessian napkin on each plate.

Rustic palm leaf tableware

The Flowers

Flowers for a rustic wedding should be seasonal – this isn’t the place for exotic lilies or hothouse orchids. Single stems, small posies or even foliage in jam jars and bottles will give you the feel you’re looking for.

Start early by collecting interesting bottles and jars for a few months before the big day. You‘ll be amazed at the variety of shapes and colors of glass you come across once you start looking.

When it comes to arranging the jars and vessels on the table, remember the odd numbers rule – collecting 3, 5 or even 7 of anything together will always look better than using even numbers. 

The Centerpieces

While a more traditional wedding might be restricted to floral displays for the centerpiece, there’s no such issue with a rustic wedding – almost anything goes! An organic aesthetic means there’s no need for anything fussy or overly ornate either. Just a few sprigs of herbs, shells, driftwood or even twigs can be used to great effect. 

The Signs

Whether it’s place cards on the table, or the overall seating plan, handmade and handwritten are where it’s at for the rustic wedding. Write your guests’ names on brown craft paper or wooden plaques – you can pick up the right supplies for very little cost at your local craft store. 

Does that leave you feeling inspired? Here’s some other rustic wedding materials and items you might not have considered…

• Vintage books
• Bunting
• Bird houses
• Shells and stones
• Lanterns
• Chalkboards
• Clothes pegs
• Flower pots
• Old newspapers

Leave us a comment with any other top tips you have for creating that perfect rustic wedding look – we’d love to hear!

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